Critical Method in Sports Organization Development through “Lean Thinking Organization”

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Kittikun Sangnin


Presently, there is a greater understanding of the potential of applying Lean thinking in various sectors across many organizations. Awareness and understanding are becoming crucial to develop the concept of a Lean thinking organization. However, it is still unclear whether the Lean concept, which requires a process to assist interested organizations, can be achieved the goal. Each of these organizations has a different context. This article has reviewed the literature related to the concepts of Lean Thinking and Lean Thinking Organization. The author has attempted to explain what the concept of Lean and Lean Organization should be. Explaining the key principles and the core of the process, or the process wisdom in the Lean concept, is key for the process of organization development and transformation into a lean thinking organization. Raising the question for which the answer remains unclear is the real challenge for applying the Lean concepts to the organization development.

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