112 Years of F. Hilaire’s Assumption Darunsuksa: The First Thai Textbook Written by a Non-Thai


  • Churairat Laksanasiri Faculty of Education, Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Yanyong Sikkhari Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University


reading practice texts, F. Hilaire, Assumption Darunsuksa


This article aims to analyze the reading practice in Assumption Darunsuksa: the writing techniques and concepts, and also the reasons why it has been used as a Thai language textbook for so long. The results of the study show that F.Hilaire deployed the documentary style: a new western trend of writing then, both in its content and technique. This deployment ultimately makes the textbook retain its modernity, encouraging its continued use. In addition, the significant ideas in this reading practice which are still apparent in today’s textbook development concept are: 1) to point out the importance of education, 2) to encourage readers to be responsible citizens with good behavior, 3) to have faith in religion, and 4) to show gratitude to parents, teachers, the king, and the nation. All of these ideas are reasons why Assumption Darunsuksa has been used as an elementary level text book in Assumption and other schools for 112 years.


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