Sinology and International Chinese Education is a semi-annual academic journal sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University in Thailand and co-organized by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Southwest University in China and the International College. Print ISSN: 2774-0382;Online ISSN : 2821-9252

As a professional academic journal in the field of international sinology and international Chinese education, this journal takes the promotion of academic research and career development of international sinology, international Chinese teaching and Chinese teaching as its own responsibility, promotes academic development and Sino-Thai people-to-people exchanges as its purpose, relies on the knowledge and practice of experts, scholars, teachers and researchers in relevant fields at home and abroad, builds an exchange platform for academic research results, and builds an academic position for the cultivation of discipline talents and the development of outstanding teachers.

The journal has set up columns such as Famous Scholars Forum, International Sinology Research, International Chinese Teaching and Research, Chinese Teaching and Research, Sino-Thai Comparative Studies, and Abstracts of Dissertations. We sincerely invite experts, scholars at home and abroad and all those who love sinology research, international Chinese teaching research, Chinese teaching and research, and Sino-Thai comparative studies to give manuscripts, and express our sincere thanks and high respect for your support! For the scope of topics selected and detailed article specifications of this journal, please check the homepage of this journal website or the WeChat public account "汉学与国际中文教育".