Publication Ethics

“Sinology and International Chinese Education” accepts submissions from the fields of International Chinese Education Research, International Sinology research, Chinese Teaching and Research, etc., with a view to promoting the cultural development of China and Thailand and even the exchange and mutual learning of world civilizations. In order to ensure that the quality of the journal can be internationally recognized in the relevant research field, the journal has formulated the following specifications such as the responsibilities of authors, editorial departments and review experts, which are for relevant personnel to consult, comply with and supervise.

Duties of Authors

1.Authors are required to ensure the submitted manuscripts is original work and should not be under consideration or accepted for any pubilicaiton or in press within a different journal,book or similar entity. 

2.Authors are required to ensure the authenticity of the research,do not report any fabrication, falsification or data manipulation.

3.The author must be actively involved in the research work.

4.The manuscript should meet the relevant requirements in the "Submission Instructions" of this journal.

5.Authors who refer to others or their own articles must indicate the source and list them one by one in the references.

6.Authors should indicate the source of the research fund (if any).

7.Authors must ensure that the content of the article does not infringe on the rights of others or harm the interests of others, organizations, institutions, communities and society.

Duties of Editor

1.Editors shall perform its duties in strict accordance with the journal's procedures.

2.Editors is responsible for evaluating the quality of a manuscript for publication in the journal and selecting the articles to be published after the review of the manuscript. In order to ensure that the quality of the article can be internationally recognized in the relevant research field, Editors must review and select the content of the manuscript in terms of its importance, innovation, professionalism, and adaptability to the journal.

3.Editors must carefully review the manuscript to ensure the originality of the manuscript and to prevent plagiarism. If plagiarism is found, Editors must immediately suspend the review process and contact the author, and after receiving the relevant explanation, decide on the fate of the manuscript.

4.Editors shall not disclose the author's information, and shall not disclose the article reviewer's information to unrelated persons during the review process of the article.

5.Editors shall not conceal or modify the results of the review experts from the authors.

6.Editors must ensure that there is no conflict of interest between itself and the author, review experts and managers.

Duties of Reviewers

1.Reviewers must protect confidentiality and not disclose any information of a paper sent for consideration to uninvolved parties during the evaluation process.

2.After receiving a paper from editors, should reviewers realize that they are in conflict of interest with authors and if a conflict of interest is found, he or she should immediately inform the editorial board.

3.Reviewers must review whether the manuscript belongs to their own area of expertise and truly understand the content of the review. Pay attention to the quality of the content of the article and the standardization of the research process, and do not use personal views as the basis for judgment.

4.Reviewers shall submit the review opinion within the prescribed time frame.

5.Reviewers may not take advantage of their position to carry out any illegal operations.

6.If reviewers finds that the manuscript is plagiarized, he or she should immediately report to the editorial board.