A Comparative Study of Chinese Majors in Three Universities in Vietnam

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Dinh Hien Nguyen


        Vietnam and China are connected by mountains and rivers. With the development of economic and trade cooperation, Chinese has become a major foreign language in Vietnam after English. How to improve the quality of teaching and cultivate applied Chinese talents to meet the market demand is the concern of Vietnamese Chinese teaching circles. Among them, curriculum setting is extremely important. It helps to achieve training objectives, decompose teaching content, and is one of the important factors to improve teaching quality. This paper selects three representative universities in Vietnam, including the University of Languages and International Studies (Vietnam National University), Hanoi University, and Ho Chi Minh City Normal University, to compare their Chinese courses, so as to analyze the similarities and differences in curriculum settings, credit distribution, and school hours arrangements. On this basis, this paper puts forward some suggestions, hoping to supply some references for the curriculum setting of Chinese majors.

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