"Journal of Sinology and Chinese Language Education" welcomes contributions from experts and scholars in related fields. Notes for contributions are as follows:
I. Aims and Scope
Welcomes contributions in:
1. Sinology study:
including though not limited to
1) Chinese language
2) Chinese literature
3) Chinese history
4) Chinese education
5) Chinese cultural customs
6) Chinese philosophical thoughts
7) Contemporary China
8) comparison between China and foreign countries, etc.
2. Comparative study between China and Thailand:
including though not limited to
1) Culture and intercultural communication
2) Language comparison
3) Religion comparison
4) Philosophy comparison
5) Translation, etc.
3. International Chinese Language Teaching and Research:
including though not limited to
1) Teaching Research
To study the theory and practice of second language teaching, focusing on Chinese language teaching theory and classroom teaching, including Chinese language teaching in universities, primary and secondary schools, overseas Chinese education, and foreign language teaching theory and practice at home and abroad.
2) Textbook Research
To study the theory and method of compiling Chinese textbooks and the evaluation of Chinese textbooks, and to comment on Chinese textbooks at home and abroad.
3) Chinese otology studies
Chinese ontology studies for second language teaching, focusing on the selection, ordering and interpretation of language teaching content, as well as the analysis of teaching difficulties and key points.
4)Research on Chinese language acquisition and cognition
To explore the rules of Chinese language learning, and to advocate and promote the transformation of relevant research results into Chinese language teaching practice.
5) Overseas Chinese teaching research
To study the development of overseas Chinese teaching, educational environment, teaching mode, teaching characteristics and other related issues.
6) Research on Chinese Language Education Technology
To research on the application of multimedia, Internet and mobile media in Chinese language teaching and teacher training.
7) Teacher development research
To study the ability and quality of Chinese language teachers and the cultivation and training of Chinese teachers.
8)Teaching achievement exchange
To research on teaching experiment, teaching reform, teaching action and other problems, with theoretical analysis to sort out teaching experience.
9) Research on Chinese language Test
To research on Chinese language achievement test, formative evaluation, classroom teaching evaluation, etc.
10) Teaching history research
To study the historical origin and evolution of Chinese language teaching, and to explore the historical contribution of Chinese teaching and its significance to Chinese teaching today.
II. Uniform requirements for manuscripts
1. Publication Language
The languages accepted are Chinese, Thai and English.
2. Length of Word
Manuscripts should count less than 15,000 words, including footnotes and the Works Cited section. For excellent manuscripts, the requirements on length may be relaxed as appropriate.
3.Format of Manuscripts
Submissions are only accepted in electronic format. One copy in WORD (.docx) format and one in PDF format, please do not compress.
4. Format of Manuscripts Name
Author name-Title of Article-Name of Working Unit-Date(dd/mm/yyyy)-Submission.
5.Preparation of Manuscripts
Articles should conform to Standard manuscript format of Journal of Sinology and Chinese Language Education. The manuscript shall be anonymous. Author name, author brief introduction, correspondence address, telephone number and E-mail address are provided on a separate page.
(The composition and format of the manuscript are linked:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W4Fw2eTM5mDaMvQOdi3Cu3D7hG-idVR5xuWVfCRYZOA/edit?usp=sharing)
III. Peer Review
According to International academic practice, every manuscript shall be read and evaluated through a double-blind peer review process by an academic expert in the appropriate field. The notification of acceptance will be sent to contributors around three months after the submissions. and they should not have been published or considered for publication elsewhere.
IV. Notes
1.This journal publishes the author's own original and not officially published academic papers, permanent celebrity column and dissertation column.
2. Please send the manuscript as an attachment by e-mail to hxygjzwjy@163.com.
3.For book reviews, please send the original book to the editorial department for expert review. The original book will not be returned.
4. Once the manuscript is reserved by the journal, the copyright of the article (including the copyright of the disc edition, the copyright of the network edition) belongs to the journal, if not acceptable, please explain in the submission.
V. Benefit
NO Article Submission Charges & NO Article Processing Charges (APC).
VI. Contacts
1.Address: Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University,123 Mitraparp Road, Nai Muang Sub-district, Muang District, Khon Kaen, Thailand.
2.Post code: 40002
3.Recipient: Editorial Department of Journal of Sinology and Chinese Language Education
4.Email: hxygjzwjy@163.com