Transcending Boundaries: English Language Communication in Contemporary Buddhist Contexts

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Budsara Suwannatrai
Dr.Phramaha Thongkeb Yanapalo


The assay aims to critical analysis in three dimensions of (1) Cultural Exchange and Cross-Cultural Understanding, (2) Lost in Translation of English Language Communication in Contemporary Buddhist Contexts, and (3) Transcending Boundaries of English Language Communication in Contemporary Buddhist Contexts. The study investigates the impact of English language communication on the dissemination of Buddhism in the global context, focusing on its advantages, challenges, and implications for practitioners, scholars, and the broader Buddhist community. The research delves into how English, as a lingua franca, fosters cultural exchange and cross-cultural understanding among practitioners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. However, it also addresses concerns related to the potential loss of spiritual depth and authenticity resulting from linguistic nuances and cultural adaptations in English translations of Buddhist teachings. The English language teacher examines the role of effective communication strategies in bridging linguistic gaps and promoting inclusivity within the global Buddhist community. The study emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between accessibility and preserving cultural diversity to ensure the rich tapestry of Buddhism remains intact amidst its global expansion. The findings offer valuable insights into enhancing English language communication while nurturing cross-cultural appreciation for the tradition's cultural heritage and diverse expressions.

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